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The Federal Tactical 1Buck LE132 1B is the best shotgun option right now. It has the lowest chance of overpenetration on a human cavity, and still meets FBI minimum penetration standards.

I certainly wouldn't recommend using conventional bird shot. The only bird show I would use would be T or F shot if I absolutely had to, or maybe BBB if I was in a real pinch. I would still rather not use anything other than buckshot though. Birdshot has very poor performance.
As an example: One of my partners that I work with works part time as a goose hunting guide for an outfitter. They hunt with anything from BB to F shot, depending on how high the geese are flying, or how close they are getting to land. They keep some 4 shot in their pockets to finish off wounded geese that go down but try to get away before a dog can get them. Several years ago, the owner was reaching out of the pit blind to get something and an elderly client had an ND right into the owner's back not more than a foot or two away. The owner was shot point blank in the upper back, but survived. Not only that, but he has no permanent disability from it. How? The elderly client accidentally put 4 shot into the chamber instead of the heavier goose loads he was using. Doctors said that he would have died if he had been blasted with BBB or similar shot. No joke.
Bird shot in general is known to have very poor performance beyond a couple yards. If I can shoot a pheasant with 4 shot at 10yds and it's still alive, I have no faith in it reliably putting a 180lb human down.


BTW Collins, NICE GUN!!
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