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Originally Posted by MJLavelle View Post
Great! No leftover parts, I hope (except the old engine, of course).
Are you going to post any pics, maybe write up some lessons learned, and let us know if you followed any advice from anyone who posted.
Were there any surprises, good or bad? Anything you would have done differently? Any tools that made the job easier? Any tools that you wish you would have had?
Projects like this can help add to the collective knowledge of the site. Everyone experiences something a little different, or posts details that were left out of other write ups. So, I know you just want to get in and drive, but try to post some details while they are fresh in your mind.
I'm not trying to pressure you, but this kind of first hand info is somewhat rare, so it is good to write up as many details as possible, for the good of the forum.
Never saw this post until now.

Things that would have made it way better would be an lift. Lol. This isn't something that should be attempted without a well stocked shop to work in. I also wouldn't recommend this project for beginners. If you're not a good MacGyver and lack problem solving skills, again, this isn't something for you to attempt.

Removing the engine from the transmission wasn't to bad, but getting the new engine to fit into the transmission properly took a good 2 hours and some loud cursing .

We kept the old clutch, and i believe when i removed it the springs in the self adjusting mechanism needed to be reset. I'm not sure but i believe not resetting them was cause for a clutch failure about a month later. The clutch was good still but had to remove the transmission and reset the springs, and put in a new master (or slave? Idk) cylinder and a pivot bushing. The tool to reset the clutch is expensive but a hydraulic press on the fingers in the center of the clutch and a flat head to set the springs back did the job

I would highly recommend turning the engine over for a while without spark or fuel to build oil pressure before first start.

We put anti seize copper paste on all the exhaust nuts, which made for a very strong and scary smell initially, and under hard acceleration for about 2 weeks after.

The first start was smokey and stinky and very nerve racking and scary.

All in all, it was a very interesting learning experience that i never want to do again, lol.

Hope i could be of some help to someone!

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