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Originally Posted by Devious21 View Post
If we are talking about guns that are being sold in a shop, they I could agree there could probably be some regulation on how they are displayed or how close they can be to the door, etc.

As far as what people can do in their own home, I'm not sure there's anything realistic that can be done there. I own a gun and I don't have children. I keep my gun loaded and hidden but not locked. The point of the weapon is defense and if it is locked up, I don't want my safety at the mercy of some locking device in the middle of the night.

That said, people with children should be more responsible and I believe there is already a law that states if a child under the age of 18 gets a hold of a weapon because of negligence and harms himself or others, you can be prosecuted for a felony.

Bottom line, California already has a law that all firearms sold must be accompanied with a cable lock so that it can be transported to the owners home legally. It just adds an additional expense on top of the gun most times. You pay for the gun + additional cable lock. If you did the same thing for some kind of container, people would just start bundling the cheapest container that still meets regulation with the guns and it would add to the expense. You still couldn't enforce people to use them. Plus, I don't want someone telling me what I can or can't do in my own home.

I've thought about this quite a bit as well, and I haven't been able to find a way to legally make people responsible for someone ELSE stealing their property and committing a crime with it. And maybe the fact that I'm trying to answer that question is the problem.
This is just opinion here, but I think if someone needs a weapon for instant use, they should have the weapon on them. If the weapon isn't on them, or in use, I don't think a lock will make a bit of difference and the weapon should be put somewhere safe, and the more dangerous the weapon, I think the more safe that place needs to be.

The cable lock and child law thing isn't really what I'm getting at, because neither of those actively delay or prevent people from picking up a gun. I'd bet many peoples' answer to the child law is just putting the gun on top of a tall dresser or not telling their child(ren) about the gun, and the cable lock does nothing for preventing people from taking the gun, just operation.

I think simply making sure people have the means of putting a gun in a safe place is a large chunk of it, and if you could find a way to emphasize they shouldn't make it easy for weapons to be stolen, those two things would be most of the problems solved right there. I think someone showing the capacity to store a gun safely is as effective as a person showing they have the psychological capacity to own a gun. Both helpful ways in preventing issues, even if they do involve personal details.

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