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Originally Posted by Rezist09 View Post
Where to buy both lower and upper tube for a 2001 325i sedan??????????????
Sponsor sites on here. Take a look at the top of the page. I needed 13 parts total just for this diy and a couple other random things. Some sponsors didn't have the parts I needed and ordering from different websites pretty much came to the same amount I paid to get it the next day from my dealership.

Thanks for the write-up ///M=Power.

I finished this yesterday. The lower intake boot's clamps were pointing towards the back of the car, at an aggravating angle. I don't have a flexible socket extension (like these: http://www.ebay.com/itm/350679813836 - which would have helped out a lot!), so I removed a bracket that was holding 2 lines, which is located to the right of the lower intake boot. Doing that made the job easier.

I also removed the throttle body and cleaned it. Mine looked pristine on the outside, but the inner part was dirty as hell. I'm not sure how just spraying tb cleaner from the outside (even with the flap open) like I've seen people do in most dyi videos would get it as clean as removing it. You'll also need to replace its gasket if you do.

My icv gasket was black as night on the inside, but was still rubbery, no cracks, not hard so I just cleaned it thoroughly. The icv slid back on easy afterwards. So, just clean it out unless you want to blow $20 on a small rubber piece.

And don't be an idiot like me and forget you have the black plastic firewall piece on a table behind you after you've put everything back. You'll never get it after you put your boots on.....believe me I tried swearing up a storm before giving up and taking the new boots completely off just to slide that piece back in.
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