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Originally Posted by Xcelratr View Post
Ridiculous analogy is ridiculous.

When a semi t-bones you at 100 mph, you will die, no matter how low and tight your seatbelt is and despite what NHTSA said about the crash rating of your car.

Does that mean you won't bother wearing a seat belt and will disregard safety ratings when car shopping?

Again, you pick on words (or a sentence) out of context. Is that all you do?
Yes, that one sentence, in itself makes no sense and is ridiculous.
But it was by design. To show a point. Congratulations, you got half the point.
Read the context in which that was introduced.
HINT: that sentence is what a prepper would say, and that's how they justify what they do.
I get tired answering you. I will no longer.

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