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Originally Posted by Sentaruu View Post
our thought process lies within our knowledge of history

look at any dictatorship or tyrannical government that has disarmed the populace in the past. look at the laws and bills in place right now, the NFA is already an infringement on the second amendment and it is ever expanding, the patriot act steps all over a number of our other rights in the name of "security". the united states is exhibiting the signs that other countries have when transitioning to a more tyrannical government.

its not just all in our heads, we're not making it up. this can be proven through history and facts. wake up dude. look at what happened in germany, russia, syria, korea etc....
Can you cite a relatively modern country that disarmed it's civilian population as a crucial step to a dictatorship or tyrannical govt taking over?

Originally Posted by Master Po View Post
Again, you pick on words (or a sentence) out of context. Is that all you do?
Yes, that one sentence, in itself makes no sense and is ridiculous.
But it was by design. To show a point. Congratulations, you got half the point.
Read the context in which that was introduced.
HINT: that sentence is what a prepper would say, and that's how they justify what they do.
I get tired answering you. I will no longer.
So you're claiming that a prepper would say that their preparation is futile? Interesting.
We will not tolerate intolerance.
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