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Originally Posted by jacques chirac View Post
The Common Predjudged thought about asian Women is that they are Flat-chested.

Howhever,I noticed during my trips in the Parisian Subway that a new specie appeared on the Human Market : The naturally big-breasted Asian Women.Very sexy if you ask me.

I asked a Chinese Shopkeeper about them. He told me that Asian women tend to have bigger breasts when they come in France, because of the Food. The asian food is Low-fat generally.So when they start to eat western food, their breats become Bigger.

He also told me that in Asia Big Breats are not appreciated at all. At all.

The parisian subway is a Marvelous Showroom of Mankind Inc.

All races. From romanian beggars to arab sexy dressed girls, without forgetting African girls and their radioactive sex-appeal. Especially West african Girls, fitted with their legendary very dark and smooth skin.

Exemple : African Model Oluchi Onweagba

She's hot. More pics.
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^^^ do you spend all your free time on two wheels?
The Snikster posted sexy wiminz here
Do you ride a sportbike?
Do you have a question about Jamaica? Ask?
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