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Originally Posted by Ballistic325 View Post
Concur with the above - engine flush + cheap oil until it starts looking clean again. I haven't used seafoam or Auto RX so I can't comment.

As for the VANOS, I'm tackling this early next year, time permitting. I would say that you should leave the OFHG for another time. Focus on getting this DIY right first without adding to potential complications.

If you were any closer I'd come in and give you a hand (more so to get a first hand sticky beak for myself! )

Good luck and keep us posted
Yeah i am just waiting on my lower intake boot and oil filter from Lucas, then i will see how my vanos DIY went. It rather quite simple. I thought it was gonna be a killer.
Yip i am canning the OFHG change for now. That sludgy engine just broke my steam a bit.
I will do a flush with the current oil in, then change to the cheapie oil and then do another flush.

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