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Originally Posted by KOpower View Post
Rattles are minor an can be fixed (with some work)

Friend or not - I am always weary of swaps -

If you sold your m3 - bank the cash - you can look out for one of them 'update' 08 models
Or DCT models like others are mentioning
Your options are limitless

With swaps - you only have one option

Besides - I feel ur pain with rattles,etc - but personally I wouldn't even swap my car for a F10 ! (extreme I know!!)
I wouldn't be so quick to discard the swap. It's unlikely that you would get a quick sale on your car if you asked for anything above low 40's. Besides 1 335i on carsales at the moment there are no Msport 335's for under 55k. An update or DCT (2010 onwards) is going to cost even more money.

You obviously know the guy with the 335 so you know how he drives, the kind of maintenance schedule he has for his car etc. If this is all positive then I don't see it to be a bad option.

Just keep in mind the things that have gone wrong with your M3 in your ownership and that depending on the guy and his perception of M3's he may not know exactly what he is in for. The last thing you want is for your friend to coming knocking on your door saying the SMG pump is fkd and demanding you pay the 4k to fix it.

KOpower - you're insane if you wouldn't swap an e46 325 for an F10

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