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If your interested in reading the issue I had with my steering rack - feel free

There's photos and a close up of the steering "guibo" that you most likely will have to replace if your issue is LOOSE steering.

If your rack isnt leaking, chances are it's still good. Just make certain it's bled properly (instructions are within the above link)

In the end (with my issue), (after replacing the power steering pump, rack & outer tie rod ends) it ended up being the "u-joint" on the steering column itself (the joint thats ABOVE the steering "guibo"). It was just in need of lubrication/replacement. But my issue was that it was very difficult to turn my steering wheel and the steering wheel wouldnt come back to center after making a hard turn, without a great deal of manual assistance.

If you can try to explain to us SPECIFICALLY what your subjective complaints are, we'd be better able to pinpoint the issue.

If you have to replace your rack, you can do the entire job for under $300 yourself (remanufactured rack + new tie rod ends)

The steering guibo and U-joint on telescopic shaft would set you back around $200 to replace both parts.

The cheapest place I found to order the guibo and U-joint were on a site called drive wire dot com

The rack I got at my local Advanced Auto and it was here within 2 days. Cost around $229 and it was a remanufactured BMW rack identical to my own - not an after market special. Much easier to return the old one and get your core fee back, when your doing so at your local store versus mailing the beast back and waiting weeks for a credit.

Let me know how you make out.

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