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Originally Posted by alvin bryan lim View Post
hey there guys i need help on my current problem. i'll make this as simple to read as possible just because i hate reading large paragraphs as well.

* pulled codes P0171 and P0174
- replaced: intake rubber boot
- vent pipe
- return pipe

- tube elbow
- cleaned MAF
- replaced air filter
- replaced gas cap

(no rough idle, but alittle loss of power)

= results is SES still on, MPG meter (below tachometer) goes up to 20 or more right before stopping. gas is killing me

*** i''m going to clean the throttle house assembly today, just as soon as it stops raining.

I need help guys!
Does this mean you replaced the tubing to the CCV? I had those codes for a long time until I replaced the CCV and all it's respective hoses.
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