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Originally Posted by B_Cyrus View Post
not really. In SB there is Supa Cookas(SP?) that is just as good and cheaper than Freebirds. People just like Freebirds because they are open real late and everyone is fine shelling out $14.00 for a late night burrito when they are blacked out.

Chipotle is okay for what it is, but I would rather get a burrito from a stereotypical robertos/norbertos/jalapenos taqueria that are all over california.
They charge 14 dollars now? I used to pay 4.99. I lived in the transfer Dorn on the right side of fireebirds. I think the street was cordoba

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Originally Posted by Hedges View Post
I can honestly say that because of Griffin, i am desensitized to alot of wierd stuff!
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