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Even ESPN is trashing Romo.......

LANDOVER, Md. -- The problem is, if you want to stay on the Tony Romo bandwagon, defending the Dallas Cowboys' maligned quarterback against the cacophonous critics who assert that they know his future based on his past, Romo won't let you. Yeah, you can lay it all out about how much more efficient and responsible he'd been in the 5-2 stretch that got the Cowboys to the final game of the season with a chance to win the division. You can bring up all of the resiliency and the comebacks and the strides Romo made as a leader this year. You can even blame an injury-ravaged defense that couldn't stop anybody for two months. And all of that stuff may well be legitimate and true.

But none of it changes the fact that Romo showed up here Sunday night in the latest Biggest Game of His Life and threw three interceptions in the loss that ended the Cowboys' season.

"It does not feel good," Romo said. "I feel like I let our team down."

That's because he did
. Break down the film and you'll see an offense that couldn't adjust to the Washington Redskins' surprising blitz packages and a defense that couldn't stop the run. But the story of Sunday's game is and always will be that Romo threw two interceptions in the first quarter that robbed the Cowboys of a chance to set the pace and one in the fourth that killed their chance to come back. After throwing 13 interceptions in his first seven games of the year, Romo threw only six in his final nine. But of those six, five game in the two losses to the Redskins, who won the division and sent the Cowboys home at 8-8.

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