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OP, I'd just suggest you find another shop that is well recommended for an alignment.

Most roads are crested, so the car will pull down make sure your sensation of pulling to the left factors in what side of the crest you're on...try the 3 lanes of a highway. Not arguing...just making sure you're not fixing something that isn't broken.

Most shops can unfreeze tierods if they really want to...they just need knowhow and motivation. But, they do seize together. You can get a new boot kit or just a new screwclamp (I think OE is factory hose clamps...not easy to get apart and together without a special tool).

If you do need tierods, you could do this yourself and then get an alignment some money. When removing upper tie rod from steering rack, make sure there isn't fluid leaking into it...that would be the racks seals...otherwise, turn the wheel so the upper joint is as close to the rack as you can get so it stabilizes that joint better.
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