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Originally Posted by USCTrojanMan29 View Post
I'll probably only have time to do about 5-7 track days a year so I'm definitely not strictly looking for a track car (if I did, I'd go in a completely different direction). I'll definitely drive the car more around town on the weekends and after I get back from work.
In that case, you are shopping for the wrong Porsche. You should be looking at a Carrera4s vs the GTR not the GT3. You will have fun on the track with a carrera, but you will have a much better daily driver, a nicer interior, a more comfortable ride, etc. Having said all that, I would probably get a brand new M5 if it was my money being spent, followed by the GTR. I do love Porsche, and the GTS was on my short list, but I just couldn't bring myself to spend the money...didn't feel like it was worth it. For a mostly street driven vehicle with comfort, sport, curb appeal, etc, I'd look at the Aston AMV8 as well. Yes it isn't nearly as fast as the GTR or the GT3, but the noise, the presence, and panty dropping is second to none.
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