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Question and some thoughts on this project

So I came across your thread after looking for hours and found exactly what I was looking for. This is going to be basically the same thing I will be doing just on a smaller scale. (figured its always easier to go bigger than it is to go smaller). So I guess my first question is with everything minus the amp and subs about how much did all of this run you? I'm sure it wasn't just pocket change but I'm also thinking that it didn't cost an arm and a leg. lol and going the ENTIRE thread you mentioned to save as much space possible you went with building the smallest cu. ft box as recommended including the driver, have you or did you ever consider doing a poly fill in the box? For others reading this that aren't sure what that is it's taking a poly-fiber fill (the stuff that stuffs pillows) and dropping it in a box and what that does is simulates a larger box for the driver by slowing down the air movement inside the box. It works very well I have done that to basically every subwoofer installation that I have had for myself or customers I have done installs for. General rule of thumb is 1 pound of poly fill for every cu. ft of space, of course you can always go more or less depending on your ear and what sounds good to you. Another thing that I think would have improved the overall look and finished product, not that there is anything wrong with the way it looks now that's for damn sure, would have been to, while the back seat was removed figure out the placement of the wires in uniform with the placement of the amp and drilled holes thru the rear seat sheet metal and through the mounting board you made, and with some extra wire ran the wiring cables into the cab of the car, in between the sheet metal and rear seat foam that is under the seat back rest, through the hole previously drilled and into the amplifier.
Then the only wiring that would be exposed is right at the amplifier, and that definitely would eliminate the risk of throwing something in the trunk or taking a corner "too fast" with something in the trunk and it catching the wires and ripping them out... past experiences...
So just a question and some thoughts I thought I might share. oh and have you posted a vid on youtube yet with the finished product and what it sounds like? :
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