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Originally Posted by dmax View Post
The oiled filters, when overoiled, foul the maf. If you can use a dry filter, you'll eliminate that as a possible issue...just spray your maf clean with maf cleaner after shifting to paper.

Lower intake boot is most common air leak...but there are many vac lines too. See under cabin air filter housing behind mani for some of the hidden ones too.

You can 'smoke' test diy by spraying carb cleaner'll hear the engine rev a bit when you find a leak'll suck the cleaner into the intake...might help you isolate possible location before tearing stuff apart.
thanks, I have cleaned maf multiple times to no avail, it was also replaced six months ago along with vacuum tubing, DISA, camshaft position sensor, k and n filter, ICV, CCV and hoses. TB was also cleaned. I did find a vacuum leak in the manifold where the hose going to the vacuum canister in the exhaust was not connected, I plugged it up and this fixed the e3, e4 O2 sensor adaptation limits I was getting and gas mileage has improved. However, limp mode persists and the only codes with peake I have on my car is the recurring d3 ICV and f5, f6 secondary oxygen which I believe has nothing to do with the ICV. Btw, f5,f6 I diagnosed to bad solenoid which is on it's way. I don't have a lower intake boot, my system is completely different. I don't have any major leaks, I have inspected everything and carb cleaner does not pickup minor ones. A smoke test will be like $80 or so. My next step is checking the car with the pa soft 1.4 I just ordered after having used the peak tool I have. Also, cleaning the new ICV I bought 4 months ago, maybe it gunked up somehow. Then smoke test at AA autowerks, a bmw tuner shop

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