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OK, so coding the LKM didn't help anything. While working on it I noticed some burned wiring in the harness (uh oh). It appears that the wiring harness snagged on a sharp piece of metal under the dash, shorted and melted a bunch of insulation. One wire was actually broken. After repairing the broken wire I got tail lights back, so that is good, but everything else is still wacked. Right now I have the following lights out (bulbs OK):
RF high beam
LF low beam
LF parking light
RF turn signal
LR trun signal
dash back light

The short must have caused problems with wiring elsewhere on the car. It looks like I will have to trace the wire for each bad light and see if I kind find where they shorted out or something. Does anyone know where I can find a lighting wiring diagram? I tried bmw-planet for the wiring diagrams, but the images won't load for me,


BTW - I put the old LKM back in just for giggles. It exhibits the same behaviour, so it's not the LKM causing the problem.

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