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All great players in the turbo game. Can't wait to see exciting new progress being made with these kits.

Maximum PSI - Great start with the first few kits installed utilizing the Factory ECU and super fast spool with the initial 6266 and use of a tubular manifold.

FSR - One thing I gotta say, amazing Fab work! quality, design and welds are phenomenal! can't wait to see numbers..

SAAD Racing - amazing proven products ass seen in M5chas' previous ride and Marcus' Beast! proven at the strip and awesome true 4" intake.

Technica - New player to the game, haven't heard too much but if their kit is anything like their e36's, then we have a great affordable kit on the way..

2013 is looking great. Im about to order custom spec'd either 9.5 or 10.5:1 compression pistons along with rods (not sure which ones yet) to get my build underway; along with the precision 6766 and some FSR goodies!!

05 IB/Blk M cloth 6spd Non-Sunroof
Sold & Missed..

EliteEuroCars LLC.

E46 M3 Rolling Chassis
2JZ-GTE:Forged Pistons & Rods,GSC Billet Cams,GSC Springs & Retainers,Ferrea Valves,Custom Turbo manifold w/ PTE 66mm WG,AEM Infiniti,Custom Dash,CAE Shifter,ABC-Clutch Tilton Triple Disk, E46 M3 6-Speed,18x9 & 18x10 EC-7's,Half Cage

B5 S4 blk/blk 6spd Single Turbo shop-car In progress...

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