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Originally Posted by Zchild View Post
@zuckuss00; I would have to agree at least in my case. Before I spun a bearing in the block of my M52TUB25 motor I never ever had any oil burning issues of any sort. When I upgraded my block to a M54B30 motor I instantly inherited oil consumption issues. I'm now burning about a quart every 800 miles and I change my oil religiously every 7.5k. I ordered a four pack of MOA for my engine using the link provided. Additionally, I found that when me motor is low on coolant I seem to burn more oil. Don't know the direct correlation at the moment but I will keep the forum posted.
It does seem that 3 liters seem to burn a bit more oil than the rest, but that's not always the case. I personally had an M54B30 that burned very little oil (if I let it get that far, it probably would've been 1 qt every 10k miles). A friend of mine on the other hand has a ZHP that burns what seems to be a quart every 700 miles. If I'm driving behind him, I swear I could smell my oil. He's changed just about everything else, so we suspect it's either the piston rings or valve seals in his case. My S54 doesn't seem to consume any measurable amounts (completely different engine, I know).

I suspect it might have something to do with how the motors were burned in.
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