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Last tank I got about 16 mpg. 250 miles for a tank of about 15.4 gal. No check engine lights are on, no misfires. Used PA Soft and did not pull any codes. I do mostly city driving with a fair amount of stop and go, but I am not slamming on the throttle and I do some highway driving. I have a stick shift 323i. The temperature gauge gets right to the middle when the car warms up. I notice that the mpg indicator flies down to 12 mpg with the slightest application of throttle. For example if I am coming out of a rolling stop and am in first or second gear, it will hit 12 mpg even if I slowly accelerate to 30 mph. Additionally, if I am going down a gradient, such a parking garage and the car is in gear and I am applying a small amount of throttle, the mpg indicator flies to 12 mpg. Any thoughts?
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