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Originally Posted by Reedo302 View Post
My agency was prepping to order all new mags for all of our rifles. We had been waiting for the windowed Gen3 so that we can use them in our 416s as well as Colt LE6921s. We're also looking at getting the Magpul G36 mags for our two G36Cs. What's bullshit is that people are buying G36 mags, likely for NO REASON since they can't be used in anything other than a G36 (not even an SL8).
We also have to find someone that can accommodate our 40+ mag order for PMAGs. This is not too much of an issue, but it's going to be a huge PITA to wait.
What's bullshit is that I can't figure out why the G36 mags are gone, other than the fact that some ****ing oxygen-thieving assholes probably bought them in hopes to sell them for a massive markup.
Cant LE agencies simply just call Magpul and HK directly and bypass everyone? Had no idea that the G36 mags were proprietary in relation to the SL8 wow

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