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Also...for anyone questioning mango madness about replacing all the coolant hoses....check out the recommendation from Gates. Gates is one of the leading manufacturer of coolant hoses.

Epdm hoses are the latest in coolant hoses technology. BMW currebtly uses Epdm.
With the reduction in engine compartment size, coolant hoses are prone to failure due to the prevalence of factors such as heat, abrasion and oil. In addition, new conditions arise, such as electrochemicaldegradation.

Gates has determined that electrochemical degradation, or ECD, results when the hose, liquidcoolant (ethylene glycol antifreeze and water), and the engine/radiator fittings form a galvaniccell or "battery." This reaction causes microcracksin thehose tube allowing coolant to penetrateinto the reinforcement.

Accelerated by high-heatand flexing, thehosecan develop a pinholeleak or rupture under normal pressure. This possibility of hidden reinforcement failureisoneof the best reasons for replacing coolant hoses every two to four years.

To address the damage caused by ECD, Gates has developed an electrochemically-resistant ECR coolant hoseusing a special EPDM (ethylene propylene rubber) formulation.

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