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As a Brit that was laughable. I was on that protest march - it was to preserve the right to hunt foxes with dogs - it had nothing to do with gun control.

The difference between the US and the UK is that the vast majority of the UK populace is in favour of gun control. We simply shake our heads and think "there but by the grace of God" whenever a school gets shot up in the US.

I would go as far to say that this report is nothing more than a thinly disguised pro-gun piece for consumption by the US populace.

As for the Tony Martin case - it's problematic for sure from a legal and personal stand point, but just because it is so it doesn't mean that the default position is to arm everyone. As for the "stats" in the papers, one said 61 gun offences a day - that's a total drop in the ocean of overall crime in the UK, and even allowing for population differences between the UK & US isn't on the same planet as the issues the US has with gun crime.
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