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Originally Posted by flashtwosix View Post
True but i think the the grocery store does get some federal suplements to help off set the "at cost" practice.

Hey vilseck....r u back from the Stan yet? If not, stay safe and have a happy new year. U r my hero. Some people spend 3-6 months and some not even in theater and complain about their difficult "deployment." U in thr other hand spends 12 months and get pounded with idf on a daily basis so my hats off to u.

Stay safe and come home.

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I got back about a month ago, which readjusting had been a bit hard. A lot of the airforce foes 6 months, but each unit always has people that need to go back for some reason. For this deployment we had a force cap that we exceded and had to send several dozen back early into this deploymnet. It was horrible though, we would het hit daily by rockets, way way worse than my last deployment in Zhari Kandarhar. All other branches only do 3-6 month deployment due thoer how smal they are, the USMC and Airforce are just too small to have people over there for over 6 months. We moved to a 9 month rotation, we no longer get R and R wich makes the deployment seem longer, but at month 9 it feels good bro.

The guy who "knew my boss" is a tool, and had no idea wtf he was talking about.

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