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Originally Posted by flashtwosix View Post
Also Vilsek....don't feel bad about your called "brothers" dissing you for posting that picture of the rocket attack. I thought that was pretty cool and it showed you how lucky you were to survived that IDF attack. I don't know why these so called "brothers" of yours were giving you a hard time about posting such a harmless photo. I thought it was sad and digusting that they team up, mocked you and attack you in the comfort of their living room.

You are absolutely a hero in my books. Stay Safe man. You are in my prayers.

IB4 giving the enemy an BDA cuz that is such a weak argument.
The pictures I posted were ok brecuse it did not show any weaknesses of any military protection equipment, nor was the pictures large enough to allow anyone to target the base, nor did it give an exact location of where my paticular hooch was. I took them down simpley beacsue I got tired of people pretended to know what they were taling about and trying to make me look like a fool. I did not have the time or will to argue with them. Basically I felt I did not need to prove anything so instead of having to spend hours looking up specific regualtions qeguarding unclassified information, I just took them down. Some people eve commented on my name wich was very weak.

It was a very weark argument, in reality the only thing it showed was the fact that rockets dont do **** to our building , so thye were wasting thier time.
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