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Originally Posted by flashtwosix View Post
Welcome back.

You were in Zhari? No way!!! I definitely know a lot about zhari (zharay). I was with working with USDA and PRT and the Canadians military trying to build that agriculture center next to FOB Wilson. I original came into theater with USAID working for that medical clinic out side the district center but stayed and helped out with USDA on the ag cntr. I got some pix...maybe we can share to compare how zhari has progress.

The funny thing is that as a civilian, I have more "boots on the ground" then a bunch of chairborne rangers on e46. Sitting a a fob in KAF or BAF OR even Manas doing "fire guard" duty is not a combat development.

Again, welcome back. U and I have a lot in common.

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I was in FOB Wilson back in 2009, right when we took it over from the Canadians in September. I was in 1-12 Infantry back then. We got there it was a small Canadian COP, we turned it into a FOB. I heard they built a small airstrip there. We were still living in the tents back then, and the Chowhall was closed on Tuesdays, which made things more misarable. I spent some time in COP Sanjaray for a bit to get some of my battlefield circulation done. I would have loved to spend more time in KAF than I did, that boardwalk was a huge moral booster the few times I had to go there

We were orginally at FOB Ramrod holdign it down untill we could occupy Wilson. Funny thing is I felt safer at wilson then at Mehtar-Lam, and I lived in a hard building there.

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