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Originally Posted by denvermgb View Post
I have a few questions:

1) Can I use the piezio buzzer instaed of the OEM alarm horn with the other two OEM alarm components?

2) I see some threads alluding to a DIY for the E46 Touring, but I can't actually locate it. Can anyone direct me to this DIY or does it exist? I think the tilt sensor is the only part that is different from the sedan and involves the removal of one of the side panels in the rear area?

Thanks in advance
I.actually have some experience with this. The oe alarm horn was broken so we played around with it. This is what I found.

1. The BMW alarm siren is not a maintenance item. There are there Philips screws on the back but there is no way u can remove the siren. U it open. The siren was welded together via ultrasonic

2. The alarm siren has a battery. The siren will still go off if someone.decides to.cut your main battery. The battery is connected to the alarm PCB via a 2pin plug. The battery is.removable.

3. The siren is insolated so there r no magnetism. The siren the PCB via a 2 pin connector. However, the siren is not.removable without some surgery.

4. The alarm has a PCB(printed circuit board) that provides the audio tones to.the.siren among other.things. the audio tones are programable.

As for me, I unplugged the defective siren and mounted an external speaker. I just drilled a hole on the plastic.cover and connected the speaker the PCB. We then gorilla clue the oe.alarm siren housing together. U can use JB weld too.

I hope this helps. Good.luck

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