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Originally Posted by ManofAction View Post
This is a very helpful thread. I am in the process of renovating a 2001 325i sedan. It's been on jackstands for about a month now, getting new brakes and suspension, (Eibach / Bilstein / Meyle / etc. ... and I'm also going to take a crack at replacing the oil pan gasket, since there is oil dripping from several oil pan screw heads. I also have a new gasket for the filter housing, but that's not leaking, so I'm inclined to leave it alone, even though it's very accessible at this point. Anybody know of any FMEA work by BMW on these areas?

Question: How do you loosen the passenger side top engine mount nut? (I'm thinking long extension and u-joint type end on top of a shallow socket.
Yeah, that RHS top engine mount was a bit of a pain... I have a 1/2" socket set, where the joint on the extension bars can be 'clicked in' half way and that gives you up to ~20 degrees in flex at the socket head/extension joint (if that makes sense). So I used a combination of extension bars of various lengths to crack the nut. I'm pretty confident that you should be able to achieve the same result with a uni-joint attachment.

Since you have the car up on stands and already have a new OFH gasket, I would strongly suggest that you replace it while doing the oil pan gasket. In addition to the procedure for the sump gasket, it's just a matter of removing the alternator and the oil filter housing assembly. The OFH gasket is definitely a weak point on these cars and when it leaks in the future, it will undo all the time you would've spent on cleaning the oil off the engine while replacing the sump gasket.

As a final note, I went back to replace my engine mounts a couple of weeks ago and actually took photos of the disassembly this time. I'm planning on updating the DIY with photos in the near future, so stay tuned
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