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Originally Posted by smares21 View Post
You are comparing apples to oranges. AWD cars use tires in a significantly different manner than RWD or FWD vehicles do.

Back in the day, the Evo guys used to swear by the General Exclaim UHP as a good, cheap DD tire. Tried it on my E24, was garbage. Soft sidewall, poor grip, etc. But, soft sidewall doesn't mean as much in AWD due to the power shift properties...

Go find reviews of your federals from a *more* comparable vehicle. Try Corvette, 03/04 Terminators, 05+ mustang, etc. Something somewhat similar in weight, power, and driveline config. Then, make a decision.
Good points and noted. I guess overall I just don't feel comfortable going with them and hoped I would be convinced otherwise. Or I should say my wallet had hoped.
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