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Originally Posted by JakeR View Post
Thanks. I'd like to get some other views on that. The guy who set the car -drove professionally for 20+ yrs - indicated that this was better, b/c under load, a static zero setting actually becomes positive and reduces traction. ....
Hey Jake, I did a bit more research on this and apparently your guy is right.
Cars with McPherson struts (such as ours) increase their static camber under wheel load and apparently we lose about +/- 1 degree of neg. camber depending on the car's setup.

Here's where I got it from:



So I'm planning to change my 0 degrees static camber to -1 for my street settings and see how traction changes under full load in 3rd gear.

P.S: I also ordered a set of Hoosiers A6, in the same size 295/30/19 as my current R888 and I'm very curious how they perform given the same specs. I'm expecting the grip to improve to some degree due to the R888 being on the car for about a yr now but let's see. Will update.

Pulled the trigger! Built engine + 6766 Dual BB + Open Dump + 15/23 PSI - Holy F#@$ this build is insane!

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