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Originally Posted by yappering View Post
Last tank I got about 16 mpg. 250 miles for a tank of about 15.4 gal. No check engine lights are on, no misfires. Used PA Soft and did not pull any codes. I do mostly city driving with a fair amount of stop and go, but I am not slamming on the throttle and I do some highway driving. I have a stick shift 323i. The temperature gauge gets right to the middle when the car warms up. I notice that the mpg indicator flies down to 12 mpg with the slightest application of throttle. For example if I am coming out of a rolling stop and am in first or second gear, it will hit 12 mpg even if I slowly accelerate to 30 mph. Additionally, if I am going down a gradient, such a parking garage and the car is in gear and I am applying a small amount of throttle, the mpg indicator flies to 12 mpg. Any thoughts?
Originally Posted by yappering View Post
For my calculations from the last couple of tanks I reset the odometer after filling up and when I refilled I divided the miles travelled by the amount of petrol I put in. I guess I could check for air leaks, I don't know how to check for o2 sensors, but they were changes within the last 20k. Again no codes or shadow codes on the pasoft. It just seems like the car is a little sluggish compared to my turbo audi which gets about 22-23 mpg. Perhaps thats because there are less hp in the e46, but averaging 250 mile range per tank or 15-16 mpg seems a bit low.
If you do a lot of stop-n-go driving, keep in mind the engine is getting zero mpg while at a stop light. I would venture to say that you're getting about you should be getting for your driving environment. Are there ways to improve your mpg? Maybe. When I do in town driving, I shift to the next gear as soon as possible, many times going from 3rd to 5th gear no later then 40 mph.
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