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Originally Posted by hacksawmark View Post
If you do a lot of stop-n-go driving, keep in mind the engine is getting zero mpg while at a stop light.
+1, someone understands the concept, no miles and using fuel, well you get idea.

Originally Posted by hacksawmark View Post
When I do in town driving, I shift to the next gear as soon as possible, many times going from 3rd to 5th gear no later then 40 mph.
Funny, on my M5, mainly because I am lazy, many times I start in 2nd gear and just use the even gears, I turn my 6 speed into a 3 speed as I get tired of rowing the boat!

First thing to do on all of these cars is to bring up the Hidden OBC Menu and monitor the coolant temperature. You should quickly get to about 90C and run between 88-93C consistently unless you lay into the throttle hard and trigger the electric thermostat element to drop the coolant temp.
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