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I was able to get the unit installed today, and so far so good.

The only issue that I have right now is AM/FM radio reception. When hooked up to the factory antenna, I get terrible reception. I get the same reception with the FAKRA connector from the adapter as I do with it connected. If I connect a normal AM/FM antenna to the back of the radio, everything comes in great. I have suspicions that the antenna amplifier is not getting properly powered, but I haven't had a chance to really dig into that, yet. My car is a 2004, and from what I've read here on the forums, it's not supposed to require a switched power input to the antenna amp. I may be misinterpreting what I'm reading, however.

Things I know:
1. Factory radio had great AM/FM reception via factory antenna.
2. Enco radio has no reception via factory antenna.
3. Enco radio has great AM/FM reception via aftermarket antenna.
4. I'm not going to bolt an aftermarket antenna on my car.

As far as the Android portion of it goes, I'm pretty satisfied thus far. There are quite a few tweaks I am making, to make it function more like the setup I use in my other vehicle, but so far, things are all working well. No issues with WIFI, and GPS is working perfectly, using double-sided tape to affix the antenna to the top rear of the radio. I had planned on testing it temporarily in that location, and relocating it to the top of the dash if it required better reception, but so far it's working fine this way. The sound quality is a bit better than the factory radio, as well, so that is a bonus.

Overall I'd give it about a 75% satisfaction rating, mostly due to the fact that the factory antenna didn't work right off the bat...but that seems to be more a lack of understanding on my part rather than any sort of design flaw on Enco's.
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