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Originally Posted by nike001 View Post
pre fab set ups? If $400 was even acceptable, wouldn't everyone have one? I'm also going to assume that those $400 'boxes' are made by well known suppliers and not some guy in GA.

Either way, it's too much money for a damn box.

Ok so lets get this straight...Aren't you the one asking for my measurements and angles because you want MY setup in your car? (Kinda says something about how you feel about the workmanship even though Im just "some guy from GA". Business... Find a comparable install and Ill price it accordingly, wait... there is none. So for people who enjoy a clean install they pay to have one, AKA mine. (Which by the way, someone has already bought one) The hardest part is getting the perfect angles, heights, widths, diameters and molds for the cuts so it all pieces together tight and clean. Thats what you pay for.

And just to clear this up this isnt just a "box". Its a complete install. Face plate cut and routed to car/subwoofer spec and covered in vinyl, a box angled flush to the back seats and cut to fit perfect to align the sub with the faceplate through an off centered skipass, an amp rack cut to the box and freestyled on the other end from the mold of the wheel well.

So Ill put it this way. Until you build something worth showing and stop asking ME for MY dimensions so you can have MY setup in YOUR car, get out of my thread.

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