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Originally Posted by adaseb View Post
Meaning what would you tell the driver if you lent it out

For me I guess it would be

1. Do Not Ever open any of the windows. If you're at a McDonalds drive thru open the door to get your food

2. Premium Fuel only. I will know if you put in regular and come after you.

3. Avoid putting it in Reverse. If you have to put it in Reverse just let it idle don't give it gas. Reverse drum very fragile.

4. Every 90 seconds keep an eye on the temperature gauge. If it goes in red, pull over immediately and tow the car.

5. Whenever you buy fuel, check the oil level.

6. The car is rear wheel drive so no driving like an idiot in the winter

7. Don't pull the door handle towards you, pull at a 45 degree angle to the vertical.

8. Whenever you exit vehicle and are about to shut door, make sure the seat belt isn't in the way.

9. Do not put a pop can in the 2nd cup holder closer to the rear of the vehicle and attempt to use the arm rest.
If I needed to borrow a car from a friend and one of them gave me a list of such bullshit, I'd take the bus. If you need to explain such crap to your friends, then a) you're an overly anal asshole, and b) your "friends" aren't friends.

I've never had the need to borrow or lend my car out, but I know my friends would take better car of it than I do. Friends take care of each other's property - end of story.
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