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Originally Posted by M3N7AL View Post
After giving my car a wash, i sat there and looked at it and i prefer the look of the M3.

But i prefer the practicality of the 335i as i know there won't be rattles and clunks.

Then i ripped my roof off and sat back, watched the M3 sitting there and i thought to myself how the hell can i swap this for a 335i coupe lol.

So i guess i have to ask myself "what do i want... the raw looks and performance of the M3 or a nice reliable quiet daily like the 335i"
That is exactly the right question to be asking yourself. Also ask why your friend wants to swap his 335 for the M3, obviously there is a void that he is trying to fill. There's no wrong or right answer though, it just comes down to personal preference. If you have the budget then obviously something like an e92 M3 is the best of both worlds.

If rattles and clunks are your only issue then they may be easier to fix or at least reduce than you may think. Granted you will always have the infamous 'M clunk' on shifts but replacing diff bolts etc. can help make it less apparent.

I hate when I'm driving my car with a passenger that doesn't know much about cars and my car clunks at low speeds when engaging the clutch or going into reverse. They look at me like WTF just happened with your car? Is it broken? I know everything is fine and normal but the clunks can be a bit awkward at times with colleagues, girlfriends etc.

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