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Originally Posted by Estragon View Post
#PainBreak The sound quality is a bit better than the factory radio? Do you have HK- 10 speaker system or normal 4 speaker?
I'm not 100% familiar with the speaker options, but I have three speakers in each front door, so I assume it's the 10 speaker option.

The perceived sound quality improvement is at least in part due to having more EQ options than simply "bass" and "treble."

--- (this is incorrect)
One thing I did notice is that the EQ / Loudness options do not affect the Android side. It appears to control only the EQ/Loudness of the Radio/Aux/TV/Whatever side. There are EQ options for Android, (I am using Subsonic to play my media from a server, which has a built-in EQ) so you can find ways to adjust the sound output to your liking.
---(this is incorrect)

Edit: After switching music_gps to "Off" on the main menu, Android sound comes out of every speaker, and the radio's EQ settings work on the Android sound. It sounds awesome.

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