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Originally Posted by sammk View Post
May I politely remind everyone that Obama might have taken a vacation but he and the Senate worked through the day and the night to get something out for Congress to review before midnight, while Congress had long broken up. In fact, Boehner and Co. are still sitting on their hands as we speak..
I would like to politely point out to you that the agreement they made last night is only valid for 2 months until we run out of money. Then they start all over again unless they want to raise the debt ceiling, which I read on one occasion that they want it to go up by another 3.9 TN.

But Obama is not around to take your calls. He is headed back to Hawaii. He left last night. The trip on Air Force One will take 18 hours.

While you boast about the political success of your illegal immigrant and illegally seated POTUS, you and I will be paying an average of $1635 more in taxes this year.

And Congress still got a pay raise.

Happy New Year

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