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Originally Posted by bradleyg View Post
Same here. I've had this problem on my drivers side xenon for years, and it only shows up this time of year in the colder weather. Always say I'm going to fix it but never have. I'm in the south, so it really isn't all that cold for very long, so I just keep pushing it off and then forget about it in the summer because it generally works fine then- only a maybe a 1 second delay sometimes for the driver's side to light up after the headlights are turned on.

I've done the bulb swap and haven't gone any further than that because I haven't really wanted to disassemble the whole headlight assembly. I'm just going to break down and get an igniter from ECS tuning and take it all apart and finally replace it. They've got good prices.

The part number for a 2002 325ci is 63126907504

Just FYI, you should be able to swap the ballasts without disassembly (which is a PITA). You'd need to remove the assembly from the car by disconnecting the wiring harnesses and removing a couple screws, then the ballasts are just sitting there, attached to the bottom of the assembly. This process may require you to re-aim your headlights, but that's not the end of the world. Replacing an ignitor will FOR SURE force you to do a re-aim...

Good luck!
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