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Hi guys, just wanted to share my Qs & Jeff's As regarding installation of the D99+ Android

1. Cable labeled DVD USB from the back of the D99+...what goes there? an USB extension for other device?

Its for plugging in a USB thumbdrive and playing media files, you can use the USB extension that came with your unit and run it to the glove compartment.

2. Aux/backup camera RCA connections and preamp outputs, should I decide not to use any of these options, can I just leave them disconnected (leave them in the box) or I have to connect them at the back of the D99 to make the device work?

Yes you can leave them disconnected.

3. Steering wheel control interface, I saw how to plug this interface to the D99+, but where/how do I connect the interface to the car? The interface has an USB2 like plug on the other end or do I plug nothing there?

It does not plug into the car, just plug it into the harness with the main plug and you are done. The mini USB is for programming, not used in the install.

4. AMP CON cable, you mentioned that this needs to be well “insulated & secured”, can I roll & wrap this cable with an electrical tape to avoid making contact to anything? or I have to connection this somewhere, if so where??

electrical tape so it cant short out.

5. Parking Brake cable, I did not seen any instructions on where/how to connect them. Or it can be left disconnected? Will the DVD watching feature work if I leave it not connected?

dont connect it if you want the DVD to work all the time, there is a setting called BRAKE in the menu that gets rid of the warning message. Dont watch videos while you are driving, if you crash its on you!


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