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I started making the panels for the sides. A work that shouldn't be underestimated.

When I used to go and check out the cars in competitions, this was the first thing I looked at.
And yes, I checked out MANY installs, and I've seen many, many side panels that don't fit at all.
There are many people that put so much effort in creating a nice box for the woofers, the placing of their amplifiers, ... But when it comes to the side panels...they forget.
On the other hand, in some cars it's just not that easy to make side panels for, and the Polo was one of them in my opinion

After thinking for a while, I knew what I wanted, and then I made this.

First I cut out a model out of cardboard and tape, and made this mold out of wood (6mm).
Because I didn't want to have a fat big side to look on, I added aluminium of 2mm thick?
Glued it on with Tec7 and put on some screws on the back

So this will be the side panels I'll put into the trunk. And because I wanted them to be as thin as possible, so I made it with wood of 6mm thick.
The sides are made of 2mm aluminium.

I first cut out a mold in cardboard, and sew it out.

Once you have one, turn it around, and you've got number 2.

Because I want to make use for every inch in the trunk, I made holes L and R, so you can put something in there.
By doing this, I also break a rather rag surface that doesn't look good.
The model of the holes won't be equal L and R, that's because I can't go bigger on the right, cause the supply of the gas-tank is there.

I also made a thickening of 1cm around the hole, as you can see clearly on this piece.

What you have to look out for is when you work with wood and aluminium, is that your filler you use is appropriate for these 2 materials.

Because I also wanted a nice rounding at the bottom, I screwed and aluminium L on there, and finished it off.
Creating a rounding is pretty simple.
Here I used a spraycan of deodorant, where I put my sanding paper on. But there are several things you can use as sanding blocks.

Then I taped the sides of the plastic where the come against.
Then I put some filled on the back of the panels , and mounted them.

Once it's dry, you can take it out carefully, and it looks like this.

After some sanding work, it looks like this

It looks quite simple, but it isn't. I've made this a couple of times now, but in the beginning it didn't go that well.
I wasted a lot on these things to make them look good.

Because the glass plate (EQ) must go open smoothly, I screwed another alu plate on there. So I don't have to walk around with a sucker.

Here a picture with the sides in it.

What I personally love is that the separation between the sub-box and the amplifier is made out of glass. It gives the impression it's one piece, but it has 2 compartiments.

OOOOooo yeah, the PPI Deq 230 EQ just got a bit smaller.
Cause I haven't got that much space, I put the disc in that thing.

Robolop Design hé, lol

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