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Originally Posted by scottjoh View Post
Check fuses 9 and 32 in the glove box (I suspect they're probably ok)
Then check fuses 106 and 107 located around the back of the fuse block. Fuse 107 if the one on the far right. 106 is just to the left of 107. They are 50 Amps each and are screwed down to the bus bar. Disconnect the negative from the battery before doing any electrical work on the car.
You were absolutely right. I didn't know about the second set of high amperage fuses in back. One of them was blown (the one on the right)

Thanks guys! It's finally all better and peace has been restored in my home

I find it interesting that the BMW engineers had two power cables coming into the LKM and that they split them up between left and right differently between headlights, turn signals etc. It makes sense, because then you wouldn't lose lights on one whole side of the car. At least you have some lights at every corner that way.
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