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Originally Posted by socks210 View Post
The shocks are "Original Equipment" Sachs shocks. The red label may be throwing you off , most have the blue label , the shocks for factory sport suspension have the red label. ( pretty sure that's true) Anyway, I replaced the shocks because they were pushing 50K and I wanted to install the rear shock tower reinforcement plates anyway. These weren't clunking....but, have replaced shock tower mounts on some of my past bemmers for clunking. A friend and myself just replace his rear shock mounts a few months ago on his 2001 330ci coupe, one had pushed through and was clunking... we also added the rear shock tower plates.... big improvement... nice and quite, nice and tight. BTW, we replaced the RSM on his coupe with the E46 convertible mounts... heavier duty. I'm pretty sure, could be wrong, but I think you'll get more of a creaking sound when the differential sub-frame mounts start to wear flexing the frame like going in and out of driveway. You have a metal to metal (?) sound .. the convertibles, unlike the coupes,etc. have metal just over the top on the rear shock strut.. I'm not sure if the top of the shock strut could move up far enough to hit that metal.. but it's worth checking out. Takes 5 min. Have you taken the spare tire and the jack etc. out of the truck to see if the noise goes away... could be something there banging around. good luck...
Great information. Thx! I had the spare tire and jack out of the trunk and the car still occasionally clunked on bigger bumps on the passenger side.

Few more follow-up questions though:

1. Does the new shocks feel like a sport-version damper? Meaning does it ride like a new ZSP (sport package) BMW? What was the total package price?
2. Where did you get the entire package (Shocks, RSM, reinforcement plates)?
3. I saw these plates from $9 to $20. Any difference between them?
4. So I've read there may be modifications required for the convertible. It looks like you proved this wrong. Am I correct?

Thx again.

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