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World's View of America & Fiscal Cliff - sign of American decline

From the Washington Post:

CNN anchor Ali Velshi had a tough word for the U.S. fiscal cliff negotiations: embarrassment. Velshi, lamenting the bitter politics and institutional logjams that nearly sent the world’s richest country over a self-imposed cliff, called the whole sordid episode an “embarrassment for America.”
Australia’s national treasurer, Wayne Swan, lashed out on Twitter in apparent frustration. “We’re not immune from global developments,” he said, citing “the impact of America’s fiscal cliff fight” on Australia. Snow, long a critic of conservative American politics, wrote, “It is lamentable that so much of the world’s post-[global financial crisis] economic recovery has been held hostage in such a reckless way by the Tea Party.”
America-pessimism seems to be getting a big boost this week. Mexico’s El Economista newspaper published a scathing article by editorial director Luis Miguel Gonzalez, who in his first sentence says that the fiscal cliff crisis shows that the United States is now “una república bananera” — a banana republic. Gonzalez blames Democrats as well, calling the partisan divide an intrinsically American quirk, similar to our “hamburger-eating contests.”
Probably the strongest critics have been in the state-run Chinese media, which are always happy to predict the decline and fall of the American system. An editorial by the state-run Xinhua news agency argued that the fiscal cliff is just the latest bad sign for the “long-term sustainability” of the American experiment. Here’s their case:

In a democracy like the United States, tax increases and spending cuts, the exact dose of medicine needed to cure its chronic debt disease, have long proved hugely unpopular among voters. So the politicians have chosen to kick the can down the road again and again.

But as we all know, the can will never disappear. Sometime and somewhere, you might trip over it and fall hard on the ground, or in the U.S. case, into an abyss you can never come out of.

Of course, this criticism is probably as much about implicitly defending the Chinese system as it is about gleefully condemning the American. But it does have its sincere adherents. On China’s ever-raucous social media, some Chinese Web users seemed to agree that the fiscal cliff proves that the American system can’t work.

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