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i'm not military, but i agree that in my view the military has historically been more pro republican, but i have been surprised in the last 10 or more years that it seems to be shifting. friends i have in the military who in the past i would say have more republican views really took a sharp turn after the bush years and war in iraq. the multiple and extended deployments for a war, which most americans and they themselves saw as unnecessary, really had them rethink their party affiliation. friends i have that were deployed were especially pissed about being sent to iraq and how they were treated and overextended time and again. they are the ones who take the brunt of the anti american views when our reputation across the globe is tarnished by our international blunders. when i talk to them they are outright embarrassed of how the war in iraq was handled and how incompetent those in charge seemed to have been, especially the administration and manipulation of intelligence.
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