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Help me choose a cleaning kit

I figured I would post in here for some advice before just ordering whatever I came across.....

So with Santa, grandma, and my company bonus (100k safe miles in 2012 ), and a growing gun collection, I'm interested in buying a cleaning kit. I have a Hoppe's kit for my 9mm, bought a brush for my .22 that sort of works with my Hoppe's 9mm rod, and a few odds and ends but I really wanted to invest in a quality kit that could keep me going for a little while, especially since I just picked up a 1941 Moist Nugget that I'm in the process of stripping down and making sure I remove all the cosmoline. I stopped by Bass Pro the other day as well as Dick's and the Otis Tactical kit caught my eye. Seems like a pretty comprehensive kit that could at least clean what I have now and expand in the future. Anyone have any experience with Otis products? Anything better out there? Both Bass Pro and Dick's wanted $60+ but I found it on amazon for $45. I'd like to keep the cost at or below $70 if it's possible because I'm still wanting to try to pick up a shotgun with the remainder of my Christmas money to start my skeet addiction (I know I didn't reply in my skeet question thread but I did read all the responses and I appreciate everyone's input! ). There's a gun show here this weekend that I might hit up because I need to get ammo anyways so I thought of poking around there to see what was available but I want to make sure I get something that's quality. My wife wanted to buy me a cleaning kit for Christmas but I told her to hold off because I knew she would just buy one because it came in a pretty wood case or something and not really know about the quality or usefulness of the components. Thoughts?


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