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Originally Posted by sammk View Post
Agreed about kicking the can down the road. The debt ceiling is the real debate that's yet to happen in an effective manner with sustainable solutions. However, it's better than nothing because without the deal passed before the 1st, millions of middle and lower income people would have automatically started to pay higher taxes and would have initiated a slow double-dip recession.

Just look at how the stock market reacted today - if anyone had any common sense, they would have made a small windfall in a matter of seconds this morning.

So you can't blame Obama and the Senate for passing something in spite of Congress.

The President was not back from his vacation, he was merely taking a break from a vacation to look after urgent business. Which reiterates what I've said before - as POTUS, you never get to take a vacation and chill out on a beach like the Hollywood types. You're working most if not all the time. You're merely in a different place with different people, but you're still working.

This is true. But vacationing in Hawaii all the way from D.C, does not look good.
It's not the vacation. It's because he went to Hawaii and it is so far away. If he had gone to Camp David or Orlando, it would not have been so bad.

The rest of your post is birther nonsense which indicates that your intellectual development is on par with an adult hamster, which I don't have time to respond to..

Well, you must be related to the hamster family if you could not detect the smart aleck attitude I was implying. Sometimes humor does not translate well in print.
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