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Originally Posted by bimmerfan08 View Post

I was impressed at how they tried to work together but pissed off at the fact they waited until the last moment and then quickly hashed something temporarily together. It's like half assing a paper at the last minute and expecting to get an A.
The worst part is that they keep passing these temporary measures claiming that its just so a permanent deal can be struck before the next "fiscal cliff". Then, when the next one comes about, both houses and parties yell back and forth about who's fault it is that a deal hasn't been made, and they take it up until the very last possible minute in order to throw together some new sh1tty temporary measure, claiming that they'll do something permanent before the next time.

I'm so ashamed of everybody sitting on Capitol Hill right now. And the president. It's absolutely shameful how ineffective out congress has become. These guys all need to be fired and replaced with rational people who are actually concerned with getting things done in a timely manner and making reasonable compromises based in reality.

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