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Sounds like DMAX did his research. So why do we pick drilled, slotted, ate rotors and what not over oem and good pads? For what I know, I think the idea is to keep the rotors 30-35% cooler for it to help bite/brake quicker and well, avoiding fading. This, and looks as far as I'm concerned. I was considering buying Zimmerman rotors but, I decided to do a little more research before I did. The majority of us here don't track our cars, so what's the point in buying drilled/slotted rotors? I like to take spirited runs here and there and I clearly don't think that justifies the need for the expensive rotors. I'll probably go for either the Brembo blanks and a good set of semi-metallic pads. I remembering reading about the cheap asbestos brake pads causing the most dust (doesn't matter), and wearing out very quick, but provide decent braking over ceramics; now ceramics brake pads typically last longer than even the rotors themselves and most of the time warp the rotors. Oh and, the brake pads fade badly. Any of you ever notice the warped or worn out slotted rotors on Benz or high end luxury cars ? They use ceramic brake pads. Due to this, I stay the heck away from them. Good luck to you guys.
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